A Good One To Start With

Here in the land of milk and amnesia, I found myself... outside; with no option of returning to my hotel room as yet (evil, drunken..., room-mate). Here, in the light; in the heat...; the HORRIBLE, scorching heat.

It was mercilessly bright and... so hot, I holstered the camera. When the environment is THIS hot and your in the city, temperature makes an unholy alliance with light... and blows out the scene. Not too mention..., the heat. No wind, no rest..., and the shade not much cooler. No one in their right mind should be out like I was, wandering the streets, the sun high in the sky, scurrying from one shaded area to the next, desperately looking for something to SHOOT.

And then I saw THIS:

Finding this made me forget the heat and everything else. My mind's eye caught, I HAD to have it, shitty conditions and all. I fully admit that half the FUN is trying to figure out how to get the shot when everything is working against you!

It's the moment that confirms (ok, justifies?) the insanity, that allows you to breathe normally once again. Like petals falling from a bloom, the images start to fall away, breaking ground and seeding more.

Once seen, once made, once CAPTURED, it's time to move on. The hunger must be fed.

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